Disadvantages of A Villa Rental

When you are taking your whole family on holiday and want to relish some extra space, you might want to consider renting a vacation villa instead of the usual type of accommodation. By selecting this option, you will get an indulgent glimpse into what it would be like to have your own little home in the middle of paradise, perhaps in Florida or Aruba. Of course, just like any other thing, villa rental also has some pros and cons. Here is a list of pros and cons which will help you to decide your next vacation accommodation.


Spacious accommodation

Villa rentals are usually more spacious than a standard hotel room. Spending a vacation in a villa means a great time if you have a large family, as it will provide plenty of space. In many villas there are a lot of bedrooms which makes it easier to stay there with children and their grandparents, or for a special couple retreat.

Your own space

A villa rental serves as a second home, and provides you with a personal kitchen, a comfortable place to relax, and a living room without all of the activity that sometimes comes with family-friendly resorts or popular hotels.

Authentic feeling

Renting a villa affords a bit more local feeling if you are interested in experiencing the atmosphere of a place. The location and type of your stay varies from a beachfront villa to that of a cottage in the mountains.

Private amenities

Tropical gardens, secluded hammocks and a private swimming pool are some of the amenities that can be enjoyed while renting a vacation villa. The list of amenities varies from location to location as these villas are often private rental properties, thus your rental can include anything from board games to a sailboat depending on the villa type. It totally depends on your research and on finding the property that works best for your budget and vacation wish list.

Extended stay

When you have the option of an extended vacation stay beyond the typical seven days, then vacation homes make an ideal option.



Some vacation villas provide the facility of housekeeping in their list of services, while many of the rental villas leave the tidying up to you. Thus, if you are looking for daily turnaround services, then you might be better off with an all-inclusive villa.


There are some people who want to do absolutely nothing when they are on vacation, so those people might not be ecstatic about the thought of cooking and doing the dishes. Maximum vacation villas are self-catering.

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Travel Tips to Enjoy Holidays

To spend holidays with loved ones is always a fun activity. However, you will find many people, who claim that they did not enjoy their holiday trip despite getting best travel deals. Here you need to understand that to spend an enjoyable holiday is not just about getting right travel deals but it is also about appropriate planning, budgeting, and then packing. If you are also planning to go for vacations then apart from getting best travel deals to make your trip economical yet splendid, there are various tips, which you should keep in your mind. These tips are as follows:

1. If you are planning a vacation alone, then select the holiday destination of your choice but if you are planning it with your friends or family members then take their consent too.

2. Budget your holidays and for this, make sure that you know the estimated cost of everything before your budgeting phase. Keep in mind that once you will know that how much best accommodation deals will cost you only then you will be able to buy them for your convenient stay at your dream place.

3. Try to plan your budget in an appropriate manner to enjoy a holiday. However, it depends on your approach. For example, if you want to spend your holidays in a luxury hotel in London then you can save money to make this dream come true. This will be your hard work to make your dream come true. In the case of smart work, you can search for best luxury hotel deals in London to save some pennies.

4. To get luxury hotel deals anywhere, you want is not a problem, these days. However, if you have a strict budget, then always either prefer budget hotels or get discount hotel rooms in luxury hotels to stay within your budget.

5. Always reserve your flight tickets and discount hotel rooms in advance to avoid any hassle later on.

6. Pack your luggage few days before your departure to your dream world. Do not forget to keep the clothes after laundry. Moreover, try to avoid taking clothes, which need ironing.

7. Pack your belongings according to the weather conditions of your holiday destination. Do not forget to keep a hat with you, as it will keep you safe in every kind of weather condition. However, the type of hat to be carried along may vary. For example, if you are about to visit any place in winter then a woollen knitted hat will be proved handy, as it will keep your warm.

8. Avoid taking new shoes. Just think what you will do if you will find your new shoes uncomfortable. However, in case, you are packing new clothes of yours for holidays then always give them a trial first before packing them.

9. To pack all your belongings in a travel bag with wheels will prove handy, as it will be easy for you to drag it anywhere you want without applying much force.

10. Do not forget to keep all your documents. It is highly recommended to also keep one set of the photocopy with you especially while travelling to another country or continent. Moreover, email their scanned copy to your email address as well.

Holiday in Menorca

It’s entirely possible to get by on your Menorca holidays without speaking good Catalan or even Spanish. The tourist market is so well developed here, alongside the history of British occupation, that almost all Menorca villas are serviced by towns and villages where English will be easily understood and competently spoken.

However, as many visitors to the island will tell you, an attempt to speak a little Menorquí (the island’s dialect of Catalan) or standard Español is not only good manners, but will communicate a degree of humility and interest that will enhance your experience of the islands. As anyone who has lived abroad will tell you, languages are actually very easy to learn once you are immersed in them; and though you may spend no longer than a few weeks here, your Menorca holidays will benefit enormously from attempting a few of these choice phrases:

(N.B. The main difference between Menorquí and Catalan is the use of ‘es’ and ‘sa’ for masculine and feminine instead of ‘el’ and ‘la’).

Do you speak English? – Parles anglès ?

I don’t speak Menorquí - No parlo el Menorquí

Where are you from ? D’on ets ?

I’m from England Sóc d’Anglaterra

My name is .. Em dic ..

What is your name ? Com et dius?

How are you ? Com estàs?

Fine, and you ? Bé, i tu?

Sorry Ho sento

Pardon ? Mana ?

Excuse me Perdona

Thank you   Gràcies / Moltes gràcies / Mercès

You’re welcome   De res

I want to buy .. Vull comprar ..

What is it called in Catalan ? Com es diu això en català ?

How much is it ? Quin preu té ?

Do you accept credit cards ? Accepteu targetes de crèdit ?

Where is .. ? On és..?

Where are .. ? On són..?

How do I get to .. ? Com puc arribar a…?

What sandwiches do you have ? Quins entrepans teniu ?

Is there a table free ? Hi ha alguna taula lliure ?

A table for four, please Una taula per quatre, si us plau

It’s my round A aquesta ronda convido jo

What would you like to drink ? Què vols beure ?

Do you have a map of .. ? Té un mapa de…?

How long does it take to get to .. ? Quant de temps cal per arribar a ..?

Cheers/Good health!   Salut! Txin txin!

Bon appetit    Bon profit! Que vagi de gust!

Good luck   Bona sort! Molta sort!

With all these phrases under your belt your holidays in Menorca should be filled with local life and colour, Bon profit!

Concierge Services During Holiday Travel

When travelling, you want to have the most relaxing time possible. But with so many things to do it can be really hard to stay relaxed and to have everything in order. Concierge services come into the picture to take the burden off your shoulders so you have lots of time to do what you want to do most not worrying about personal things that need to be done. Concierge services can be residential, corporate or personal; the personal services are what you will need when preparing for a holiday travel.

Generally speaking, you will have a manager to take care of your daily tasks such as making phone calls, making hotel reservations, arranging spa services, booking transport and even coordinating luggage assistance. Some of the service providers will basically be open to offer you any kind of assistance you may need including pet care, dining bookings and procuring tickets to events that you want to enjoy during your holiday. The services you can enjoy can be as personalized as possible and they will:

Save your time – this is because you won’t have to spare your precious holiday time trying to get everything in order. You simply need to make your request and your concierge will be on the tasks promptly. You will have all your errands run for you as you spend valuable time doing what you want in your travel destination. You will have more time to relax, explore, enjoy and learn when you have a trustworthy manager handling all your personal tasks.

Save your money – It may seem ironical because the extra services will definitely cost you something. But the truth is when you choose to have a concierge you stand to enjoy services from different service providers and vendors working in conjunction with your provider. This increases the chances of enjoying discounts from the partners, including free upgrades, special perks and treatments and complimentary benefits for various products and services. You may get the rare chance of enjoying free trials, upgrades and discounts at top spas, restaurants, transportation and entertainment companies.

When looking for the best service provider for your travel needs, you should check out

The services – Checking what the concierge services offered entail is very important. There are service providers who may have limits as to what their assistants can do on your behalf while others may be flexible and willing to customize the services to meet all your requirements.

Charges – Also important to check is the charges; some charge at an hourly rate, whereas some will charge the services at a flat fee in consideration for everything you want to be taken care of during your holiday.